There are many garage sale sites on the web. Typing in “garage sale tips” in any major search engine will return at least 10000 hits. Each of which has there own tips and handy suggestions on how to have a successful garage sale. Some are great, some are….well. Instead of rehashing those tips over again, here is an overview of some of the best.

Garage Sale or Auction – If you are just starting to think about having a sale, it may be very profitable to you to reconsider and have an auctioneer look at your items instead, especially if you plan on liquidating an estate. Here is a good article from Ken Lindsay a columnist with the trade paper Auction World giving more information.

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Shopping Tips Garage-Sale Strategies: This is a great resource from the point of view of the shopper. These ideas come from organization expert Louise Kurzeka. Other links from HGTV are below:
Shopping Tips for National Garage Sale Day (August 10): Some really nice suggestions from the point of view of the garage sale shopper.
Tips to Help You Find Great Deals at Garage Sales: Learn how to negotiate from this article.
Ann Castle’s Garage Sale Survival Kit – Here are some suggested items to take when you go garage sale shopping
Selling Garage Sale Finds on eBay – Here is an article on how a number of people in the Pittsburgh area are selling garage sale items on eBay. Here is a general list of things which sell on eBay as written by an eBay trading assistant.
When shopping to save money, shop by yourself – This idea is reported by Brenda Sue Junkin from the Plain Dealer Reporter when interviewing Giovanna Sainato, an expert at thrift shopping. Shopping by yourself saves time and allows you not to be constrained by others time schedule.
Safety Wedding Renovation – Garage sale – Much of what is in this article can be found elsewhere, but at the bottom there are some unique ideas on how to make your house secure during your sale.
Don’t Let A Garage Sale Cost You – This article covers homeowner insurance policies and accidents during a sale. Read this for: It brings up some important thoughts on safety..
  Garage Sales: Second-hand Safety: Some good information on what can and can’t be sold at a garage sale in Canada. I have yet to find any sort of link like the one above from the US government. Click here for a link to the Consumer Products Safety Division’s recall list. Here is a newer government site devoted just to American recalls.
How old baby equipment can be before it is considered unsafe is the topic of this article. It would be more than worth the time printing it out before you go baby shopping at garage sales.
Thrift store check list: This is an easy to use article on product safety featuring some common items that are sold at Thrift stores and garage sales.
St. Clair County IL State Attorney’s Office is generally about keeping your home from being robbed, but there is a section of great value to anyone turning their property into a second hand store.
A couple of sign tips: When posting garage sale signs make sure the sign is readable. Make sure that tape doesn’t obscure parts of the sign. And make the backing is stiff enough so that people can read it in the first place.

Another thing about the placement of signs. In many areas it is illegal to post signs on utility poles due to the safety hazard it poses to workers. Source:

General HGTV – The web site for Home and Garden Television is full of various links to garage sale tips. A search on their site pulls 33 web pages for “garage sale tips”. Over 250 links if you are just type in “garage sale”. Most don’t have much good garage sale info in them Here are some that do.
Garage Sale – From organizational expert Tom Nevermann
Clearing up Clutter – From Pam Hix, although not really about having a garage sales. This article offers some good advice on deciding what should go into your sale.
Bargain Hunting – More tips on shopping at a garage or antique sale.
Tips for having a garage sale – Written by Kim Danger, this is a great general article on how to have a garage sale, including making a garage sale sign in crayon if the weather is going to be wet.
Yard Sale Tips – What is cool about this page is that the tips come from people who have had sales. Read this for: If you don’t have much time this is a place to research. Nice suggestions on saving time and peace of mind.
Estate sale Vs garage sale – This is a good article on the differences (from a seller’s standpoint) between an estate sale Vs a garage sale. Read this for:Good ideas on how to hire a professional to handle your estate sale.
Recognizing professional buyers at your yard sale – An article on how to recognize professional buyers and how to handle them. Read this for: What to do about people who arrive 1 hour before your sale starts.
How to operate a successful garage sale – Great general information source
Demian’s Complete Guide to Yard Sales – Specific general information for both buyers and sellers. – Some unique ideas on how to make your garage sale more fun, including “wearing the merchandise”
Let little kids have their own table – This was written in the Billings Gazette web site and suggests letting kids have their own table to keep them busy during your garage sale.
Advertise your garage sale on the net: This is becoming more wide spread and is especially popular on the coasts. Here is a list of places on the Internet where you can advertise your upcoming sale:

Our Garage Sale and Auction Calendar!

Garage Sales Across the Country

Garage Sale Hunter

Craig’s List

Garage Sale Tips Part One and Two: Here is a really nice article from freelance writer Deborah Taylor-Hough. Read this for: Ms Taylor-Hough has some nice ideas on starting the sale on a Wednesday and newspaper ads.
Garage Sale Tips – Specific info on how to make the items you have for sale look nice. A how-to on keeping your yard neat during the sale.
Garage Sale Susan – This is the web site of Susan Goldberg of the “Incurable Collector” on A&E.
Consider having your sale closer to a city-wide garage sale event if possible, or if a neighboring town is having such an event during your weekend consider changing it to another date. Here is a list of citywide garage sales organized by the dates they fall on.
Pricing Tips Trying to figure out what price to put on your items is probably the hardest thing to do when having a garage sale. Price your stuff too high and your merchandise won’t move, price it too low and the money you make isn’t worth the time you spend. There isn’t a lot of specific information on how to price items at a sale. Some general guidelines are:

Price it higher if:

It’s the first day of your sale
You are willing to move it back into your home
It has real collectible value or is vintage, antiques should be sold elsewhere
You know the eBay value

Discount if:

It’s the last day of your sale
This is a moving sale
It is something that doesn’t sell well at garage sales, clothing, magazines for example

Below are some more garage sale pricing tips

Garage Sale Pricing Guidelines – From John Ewoldt, reporting for the Minneapolis – St. Paul Star Tribune offered this list of what things were selling for in his area a couple of years ago.
  Garage Sale Pricing – An antiques specialties buyer warns people to do their homework before placing their items out for sale.
My Junk, Your Treasure – From Gary Foreman. This is a good article, full of marketing tips and how to think like a retailer.

Using a garage sale to pay down debts. If you are using a sale to pay down debts, a tip from Jean Chatzky from MSNBC is price items higher than what is normal for a garage sale, then reduce the price as the sale goes on. – This is probably the best of any paid type material you can get on the web. It has a lot of good pricing information.

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