How to host a garage sale

A garage sale is a good way to lessen chaos around your residence while making some additional income in the process. Although garage sales are easy to put up, knowing how to correctly rate items, promote the event, and talk with buyers will help make sure a successful sale.

Collect stock for sale. Look through those boxes in the loft, woodshed, storeroom or garage and choose items you wish to sell. Then search every room in your house, spotting items you no longer require. It can be difficult to part with stuff, even if you have never used them. If you haven’t used stuff for more than a year, it’s a great sign you won’t long for it.

Planning Your Garage Sale

Choose a Date

The initial step is to fix dates and time to put up garage sale. Most individuals choose weekends for garage sale, but you can add long weekends and holidays to a multi-day sale if your schedule permits. You’ll get a bigger crowd if you set off early as individuals won’t have to disturb their day to attend your sale, and it’s likely to be chiller out which is an essential consideration particularly during the summer. Usually garage sales are set up on Friday and Saturday from 6 a.m. to noon. Try to hold your garage sale during moderate temperatures. You’ll get the maximum buyers in the early fall or late spring.

Pro Tip: Put a cheap espresso machine in the garage and offer free coffee. You’ll get twice the customers!

Check on Permits

A lot of cities now need that you need a permit to run a garage sale. Enquire with the clerk in your town hall or city to learn if you require one. Never try to set up a garage sale without the permit or you may land up in problem. Few towns ask you to apply for online permits. Read through town hall website and check under the “civic responsibilities” or “permits” section to find where you can apply.

Sell anything

Buyers will purchase just about anything. Although there are some hot sellers like kid’s toys, old gears, books, vintage, and old kitchen stuffs, don’t be afraid to try to sell items which you can’t imagine anyone purchasing. Take care that the stock is rather clean and not damaged, especially to prevent an article from hurting somebody. But, you can try and put out damaged item which is safe to handle. You could be amazed. A lot of people will purchase old doors, damaged hardware items, kinked hoses, and other apparently unwanted items. Sell anything that you don’t wish to use anymore.

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