Lighting it up – Good lighting for a night garage sale!

Not all garage sales are done during the day and if done at night the lighting can have a dramatic impact on the price someone will pay for your items.

Flood lights are high intensity broad beamed artificial lights that have many uses, right from illuminating streets to sports fields during night matches, their application is varied. In recent times solar flood lights have become more popular.

Most popular use of solar flood lights is for

  1. As illumination for sports area for many indoor and outdoor sports like, Cricket, Rugby, football, tennis, badminton, etc
  2. As security flood lights
  3. As night flood lights
  4. As landscape lights
  5. For shooting of films

Key Components: The best solar flood lights have components that are of high quality and meet the needs of users. Important factors to be checked are the intensity and the brightness of illumination, Efficiency and quality of solar panel, capacity and type of battery, type and quality of bulbs that can be used. Most importantly as the flood lights are used outdoors, all components of the best solar floodlights must be weatherproof and should withstand all types of severe weather conditions.

Mounting: After the key components, the next important part to check is the easy of mounting and the fixtures used for mounting.  The best solar flood lights have a wide range of applications, they come with adjustable mounts and ground stakes, can be installed either vertically or horizontally with sufficient length of cable connecting the solar panel with the flood light. Check if the flood lights can be mounted on any solid surface. The material of mount is also important. Metal mounts are durable, however you should check them for their strength and non-corrosive property.

Solar Panel: Solar panel is the critical component of the solar flood light. It has to be efficient at converting sunlight into power. The best solar flood lights have a panel which is sturdy and should withstand all types of weather conditions. It should be convenient to mount the solar panel just about anywhere with access to direct sunlight.

Battery: It is essential to have a battery with highest capacity so it can illumine for the required duration. Usually the battery is installed inside the light, so it can illuminate even when the solar panel is not connected. The lifespan of batteries is about 2-3 years and the can be easily replaced.

Brightness: The bulbs provide the brightness. The best solar flood lights use LED bulbs and usually come with arrangement to adjust the brightness/illumination.

Do check the best brands and their rating before you decide on the best solar flood lights for your use.

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