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Entering the world of online auctions can be a slightly scary initially, even though you will get accustomed to it sooner or later. You might have worries about your financial safekeeping or the legality of the merchant that is obvious, it’s an auction website, and one and all have worries. But, fooling individuals on online websites has been removed, there are many new websites evolving that offer great discounts and deals.

First time buyers must always try to look for decent websites with many user reviews, so as to gain more trust prior participation and decreasing chances of getting fooled. All of the online auction sites are not scam. Few are legit and provide real benefits to buyers on buying things online. Below are some of the best online auction sites.


eBay is one of the oldest and popular online auction websites and it has the biggest body of active sellers and shoppers out of all the websites available online. Lately amazon sites covering the best golf putters have also started promoting auctions on eBay so this will only continue to grow.

With more than 150 million registered clients, your items are more likely to sell. Although this website charges a higher final value charge than other websites, however it doesn’t charge for vendor verification.  You need not pay the seller verification charges, but after your initial 50 listings, a fee   of 30 cents has to paid to list items. After you sell any item, eBay charges a 10% fee on the total sale cost. You even pay additional charges for upgrades for example adding extra pictures to your listings. If you wish to host a web store on eBay’s podium, you’ll need to spend a monthly charge depends on which subscription you select. Store subscriptions eliminate the necessity to pay listing charges, however you still spend for upgrades. eBay lets you list things globally, share your previous transaction history with promising shoppers and allows you to block shoppers. You can take payments via credit cards, eBay’s preferred method, or through ProPay or PayPal and Skrill.


If don’t wish to deal with additional charges that other vendors be likely to charge, eBid is on top value preference. This firm never charges you in excess of 3% in final value charges and there is no cost to prove yourself as a vendor. There are 2 sign up selections, as a seller or as a buyer. If you register as a buyer for this website you can’t also sell things. As a vendor, you pay eBid 3% of the final value of your things, however you can both sell and buy.


Selling things on Bonanza is easy-going if you’re a vendor with various product stores across websites Bonanza has a product sync feature which allows you to manage your stock with other websites like Etsy and eBay.

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