What security cameras can I view on my phone?

We live in a time that you have to take all precautions to protect your home and family. If you need security for your home and your family, getting a security camera system is a very good idea. With a security system installed you can feel safer in your home. There are many different kinds of security cameras but only two types. You can either get an analog camera system or an IP camera system.

Older technology

Analog cameras are built with older tech. they were built in a time before the internet. These devices don’t offer features like remote controlling or viewing. These are cameras that are physically attached to a central hub by means of wires. These cameras cannot be viewed on smart phones. The devices are simply not equipped with the features needed to remotely view your surveillance footage.

IP technology

IP technology requires internet connection. The features offered by IP devices need a connection to the internet in order to function properly. Without an internet connection IP camera will not be able to function. Security cameras with IP tech can be viewed remotely. For you to view a security camera from your phone, both devices need to be connected. You will also need internet connection in order to view the camera.

Pro idea: Get a good gimbal to stabilize your camera

The camera needs to be configured to allow this feature. Access will be denied by most routers unless you configure the connection for this application. Your camera needs to have password and username activated. You have to remember if you have access to your camera there is a very high chance that someone else is capable of accessing it as well. You need to protect it especially if you are connected to a public network. Most if not all recently designed and develop security cameras have the IP tech installed. These are the devices that you will be able to view from your mobile phone. Once you have proper and secured internet connection you will be able to access your security footage. Installing a security camera system that you can view or operate remotely from anywhere in the world is the best option. You will be able to keep an eye on your property at all times from anywhere. When you decide to get a system installed you should get the advice of expert professionals here. This will limit the time and money you spend on the security system that you get installed.

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