Where should home security cameras be placed?

If you are looking to protect your home, installing security cameras is a great start. They aid in stopping a high percentage of home invasions. This is a great way to keep your family safe. Cameras are only helpful if they are installed in the perfect place. It is not enough to just simply install them. They have to be installed in a specific location to do the best job they can and if outdoors then preferably with motion sensing lights.

Installing security cameras

If you have ever observed security cameras you would notice most of them are installed in similar locations. One of the most common places to see a security camera is at the front of a building. It doesn’t matter the quality of the camera that you buy if you don’t install them in the best locations. You will only be able to catch criminals if you install your cameras in the right locations.

Best location

The position of a security camera will determine how effective the installation is. You can use an app to determine where the best places are o install your camera. According to studies done the most effective spots to place your system are the front and back doors, windows to the street and a few other places. The highest percentage of burglaries begin at the front door. This is a spot that you will definitely need to install a camera. This is the most important installation placed outside your house. When installing you should make sure it is out the reach of burglars. This way they won’t be able to knock it down.

Many criminals target the backdoor as well but not as much as they do the front. There is still a large percent of burglaries that begin at the backdoor of homes. To maximize effectiveness, a camera should be installed at every door including side doors. You should remember to install the camera in a location that it can’t be accessible by intruders.

Off-street windows are also the main area targeted by burglars. With camera installations at the doors and the windows you have already secured over eighty percent of your home. There are several other places where you might want to install cameras just to ensure your entire home is protected. These places include the garage, the basement, on the second floor if applicable and the driveway. These are he areas most likely to be targeted by criminals trying to break in to your home.

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